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About Us


In the year 2000 three brothers, two former college athletes and an avid outdoorsman, had a vision.


The vision was to create an aggressive apparel sports brand that incorporated their passion for sports and the outdoors. The brand GIMMEDAT® was born. At that time, the brothers were running a grassroots basketball training facility in Greenville, South Carolina, called Potential Sports Academy and in 2006 started selling their apparel to the youth during workouts.

Hagen says, "While working with young athletes at the Potential Sports Academy, I always encouraged them to set their goals high. As a former athlete who reached my goal by working hard and being an overachiever, I wanted them to always believe in themselves. During workouts three things were always stressed: be committed, embrace competition, and outwork everyone. When the mission is clear and these things are applied, you will see great results. Our apparel continues to spread that winning message that inspires all to be their best. While you might not win every time, with a GIMMEDAT® mentality you will be a success in whatever you do."

After a few years of selling GIMMEDAT® out of the academy, the response was clear..... people wanted more. In the spring of 2009, the three brothers expanded the brand to reach the Southeast by retailing their sports apparel at youth sporting events.

Youngest brother Collins recalls the work that has gone into building the brand. "I've spent the weekends driving from small towns to big cities residing in low budget hotels, living off dollar menus and gas station hot dogs to grow the brand, one shirt at a time."

Since then the GIMMEDAT® message has been received with open arms, and the brand has gained popularity. Today GIMMEDAT® is rapidly growing with sales in 48 states.

Michael, the oldest brother states, "Life is about winning. Whether you’re wearing a uniform, full camouflage, a suit, or a t-shirt and jeans, life is full of competition. Creating designs and apparel that convey winning and working to win is what it's all about to us. We knew the apparel business would not be easy, but we wanted to a family."

The brand never loses focus on that competitive message created years ago, and our attack logo inspires all people to join the GIMMEDAT® lifestyle.